About Us

Garden Mother Herbs was once just a mother in the garden with her baby. The goal was to grow organic food to first feed her baby and then sell the rest at farmers market.

Today Garden Mother works with farms and purveyors of organic products to bring you a collaborate collection of goods. Garden Mother makes a host of signature products that you can find in house, and online in our shop under signature products https://www.gardenmotherherbs.com/product-category/gmh-signature-products/

We support other businesses that manufacture quality herbal products and sustainable practices, by selling their goods in our shop. As herbalists, educators and nutritionalist, we want you to find health and happiness at all stages of life. We offer in-house consultations that address your needs and the process of life, as unique, and aim for individualized approaches to your health.

We love and support all plants on planet earth, with no exclusions. All forms of life want a place to belong.

Garden Mother Herbs is devoted to the love and health of our community through holistic education and resources. All plants are grown with healthy soils that you can taste and feel. Garden Mother is not focused on the largest yield possible, just the best finished product. We wish you well on this journey through life.                                                                -The Garden Mother Crew-

904 Kensington Ave. Missoula, MT 59801