Bees Wax, 1oz pucks

1 ounce pucks of hand poured bees wax.

Perfect for making your own salves, lip balms, and candles.

Female worker honey bees secrete wax from four pairs of special glands, called wax glands, on the underside of their abdomens.  The wax is secreted as a clear liquid onto wax mirrors or plates that lie under the glands.  As the wax comes in contact with air, it hardens and becomes a bright white. Most beeswax is yellow because it is infused with pollen and the gums and resins that bees collect. The fragrant odor of beeswax is largely due to the infusion of pollens, gums and resins within the wax.

Many people find the smell of warmed bees wax to relax the mind and body. In this way it is being used as aromatherapy.


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